Exclusive Feature: Danielle Panabaker

FLASH OF GENIUS. Whether as a scream queen in horror flicks or as a future super villain, Danielle Panabaker takes on every role like a true pro. Here, she sheds some light on her life for DAMAN


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Danielle Panabaker is a genius. As in, a genuine, no-nonsense genius who finished high school when she was only 14 years old and had a bachelor’s degree by 19. However, she fell in love with acting even earlier and has since appeared in a long list of movies spanning just about any genre. She’s also made it big on the small screen, particularly in 2005’s “Empire Falls” and now in the hit “The Flash” series. By the looks of it, though, what we’ve seen so far is only the start of a stellar showbiz career.

DA MAN: Hi Danielle, a lot of viewers now know you as Dr. Caitlin Snow from “The Flash.” How did you end up joining the cast of these series?
Danielle Panabaker:
I met with the producers in January of 2014 about the role of Caitlin Snow. At the time, only Grant Gustin and Jesse Martin were attached to the show. I read for the network the same day as Rick Cosnett, and we both found out that day we’d be part of the show. I have been a fan of executive producer Greg Berlanti for years, and was so excited about this project and the world he and the other creators—Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns—have created for this show.

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DA: Is there anything you can share with us about what the future holds for your character?
We have finished filming season one, which really turns Caitlin’s world upside down again. Ronnie is back in her life, but things at Star Labs will never be the same. We haven’t started filming season two yet, but I’m excited to see Caitlin continue to grow and change. In the comic books the series is based on, Caitlin Snow becomes super villain Killer Frost, and I’m excited to see that transition come to life on our show.

DA: Are there any other film projects you’re currently working on?
I did a movie called “Time Lapse” that opens in theaters in May 2015. That role was darker than others that I’ve done, and I enjoyed finding lots of different nuances in that role.


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DA: Looking back at your career so far, which movie or TV appearance do you see as your breakout role?
I will always be grateful to Fred Schepisi for putting me in “Empire Falls,” which opened the door to so many opportunities. Being in “Sky High” was also such a gift, and because it was a family movie, I feel like lots of people saw it and enjoyed it.


“Every time I’m down, I know that there is nothing else that I want to do”


DA: You found out early on how much you enjoy acting. But what was it exactly about performing that attracted you?
I’ve always had a big imagination, and I love creating a life and a history and a backstory for various characters. For me, it’s about finding a character and creating her.


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DA: You’ve also starred in quite a few horror movies. Do you enjoy doing those as well?
I’m extremely sensitive and get nightmares very easily, so I didn’t grow up watching them at all. But I’ve really come to appreciate them and how they can scare people!

DA: Enjoying acting is one thing; being good at it is a whole different story. What is your secret for the latter?
I study! I’ve always worked with different acting coaches and challenged myself in that way. I take my craft seriously and am constantly trying to push myself and grow.


“I love my job, even as difficult as it can be at times, so I’m focused on continuing my career”


DA: Are there any other genres, or maybe specific roles, that you would like to try out one day?
I’d like to work in comedy a little bit more. I’ve enjoyed infusing some lighter moments into “The Flash,” and hope to continue to do so.


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DA: Have you ever thought about trying your hand at, say, directing? Or maybe producing?
I’m definitely interested in producing someday. It’s so important to get the right people for each job when you are making a TV show or movie, and I love seeing how all these different artists come together.


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DA: How about doing something other than acting or filmmaking?
There have definitely been times that I’ve been disappointed about roles I didn’t get and wondered if I was really cut out for this business, but every time I’m down, I know that there is nothing else that I want to do. I love my job, even as difficult as it can be at times, so I’m focused on continuing my career.

DA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Still acting! Maybe producing more, but hopefully I’ll still have a great job that I love and challenges me.


“Find different ways to push yourself—anything to keep growing as an actor and performer”


DA: What advice would you give to budding actors everywhere?
My best piece of advice is keep working on your craft. Find different ways to push yourself—volunteer, read to kids, do short films; anything to keep growing as an actor and performer.

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