Exclusive Feature: Brian Shimansky

BRINGING SEXY BACK. Synonymous with the word “sexy,” Versace Eros fragrance model Brian Shimansky goes beyond skin deep and reveals to DA MAN who he wants to exchange role with for a day.

Outfit by Issey Miyake Men

In the middle of highly competitive modeling industry, Brian Shimansky is one among a few who know how to work their poses in spades. The mix of Polish, German, Italian, Irish and Czechoslovakian blood blesses him with unbelievably handsome features. Sensuality is also part of his undeniable aura. Truth be told, this is the guy who was born to do modeling – no matter what clothes or how much clothing he wears as a matter of fact – the New Jersey guy cleverly pulls off fierce styles, snap after snap.

Scouted at John Mayer’s concert, Shimansky’s career has gone far since. He is a frequent face in both local and international magazines, and has fronted several fashion campaigns including D&G and Moncler. The Tom Ford and Burberry fan’s freshest, most exciting campaign, nonetheless, is the Versace Eros fragrance which was launched in spring/summer 2013. Under the direction of the talented duo photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Shimansky embodied the ancient Greek god character and had a little bit of action for the dramatic video campaign.

Pants by Louis Vuitton, leather jacket, shirt and shoes by Saint Laurent Paris

DA MAN: Congratulations on your latest ad campaign for Versace Eros fragrance. It is a sexy campaign – seductive and opulent. What was it like working for Versace?
Brian Shimansky: Thank you. It’s exciting. I’m honored and humbled to have been chosen by them. It felt tremendous.

DA: Mert and Marcus were on board to shoot you that day, what was it like to work with them?
BS: It was a blast. The dynamic of two cameras working around me was remarkable. They provided me great direction to achieve the image they wanted.

Top by Saint Laurent Paris

DA: You embodied the god of love, Eros, in that shot. How did you achieve sexy poses?
BS: Freedom mixed with the concept of the project will provide photographers with the clay they need to shape.

DA: In your own words what does “Eros” mean?
BS: Passionate love.

Briefs by Hugo Boss

DA: What qualities do you think that make a man sexy?
BS: Strong and sincere confidence.

DA: So tell us how it all started. When was the campaign taken?
BS: June 2012. I flew to Europe expecting to shoot for a German client. When I landed in Stuttgart, the confirmation for the Eros shoot came in. So, I popped up to London, shot it for three days, had a couple pints, flew back to New York, and waited until October to see if it would run – it was well worth the wait to learn it got picked up.


DA: What about the video campaign? Did it take long hours?
BS: Filming the Versace commercial took 24 hours and a ton of energy.

DA: Any funny moments that you still remember from the making process?
BS: There was an archery master who helped hone my shooting technique for the commercial, and Donatella and I took a great photo on set together.

Shirt by Etro, briefs by Calvin Klein

DA: How do you see yourself evolving as a model, compared with your early days in the industry?
BS: I’ve evolved to experience the power of creative freedom.

DA: Do you have any health regime to keep you in shape?
BS: I choose high intensity, low-impact activities like body-weight core training, circuits, biking, swimming and table tennis.

Jacket and pants by Versace, shoes by Saint Laurent Paris

DA: Are you active in social media? What is your take on the impact of social media related to the fashion industry?
BS: Social media creates a wide variety of challenges and opportunities for the fashion industry. It can demand transparency and accountability from companies and also inform them about the products people demand. It has also facilitated the growth and influence of bloggers, allowed online shopping to evolve and continued to raise the stakes of mobile advertising. The effects of social media are far and wide as it continues to shape the fashion industry.

Personally, I feel a strong need to maintain a presence in the digital universe. The need for instant access to your work is imperative.

Shoes by Issey Miyake Men, shoes by Saint Laurent Paris

DA: What is your life’s biggest fear?
BS: Injustice.

DA: What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?
BS: Choosing to begin modeling.


Pants by Louis Vuitton and shoes by Saint Laurent Paris

Briefs by Emporio Armani

Photographer: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Stylist: Alexa Rangroummith Green

Shot on location at YOTEL New York,
570 Tenth Avenue, New York (www.yotel.com)
Grooming by Travisean Haynes @ AIM Artist using Triumph & Disaster
Stylist assistant: Megan Lynch and Tanya Khani
*Special thanks to: Jenn Williams and the staff of YOTEL New York

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