Exclusive Feature: Barry Sloane

DRESSED TO KILL. His dangerous persona as Aiden Mathis in “Revenge” is one of the defying breaks for British actor Barry Sloane into Hollywood. In a serious pairing of suit and tie, the once-nominated “Villain of the Year” performer regales DA MAN with talks on the show’s third season, Broadway and an upcoming movie with Russell Crowe.

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His thick English accent is the drawing card for any fans of “Revenge.” Barry Sloane, who was born and bred in Liverpool, England, gave a performance to remember throughout the second season, the ending of which left the audience guessing whether or not the cold-hearted, mysterious Aiden Mathis—Sloane’s character survived the deadly fight with Daniel that night. And so, his comeback in the third season makes a riveting scene not to be missed.

But even long before the “Revenge” hype, Sloane has been a force to reckon in the U.K.’s TV industry and the West End. His good looks may beguile the eye, but his convincing act being the serial killer, Niall Rafferty, in “Hollyoaks,” a British TV drama, earned him a twice nomination for “Villain of the Year” at the U.K.’s National Television Awards. It was an undeniable testament to his adept impersonation skill that, complemented with a raspy and powerful voice, paved the way to the musical theaters. Sloane debuted in West End by taking the role of Sammy in Willy Russell’s “Blood Brothers” in 2006, and four years later the 32-year-old actor went on Broadway in a critically acclaimed play titled “Jerusalem.”

An Englishman, actor and talented singer—it seems like there’s no stopping Barry Sloane to be among the headliners in the present British invasion of Hollywood.

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DA MAN: Congratulations on the third season of “Revenge.” We can’t wait to see how this season plays out. What’s going on between Aiden Mathis, your character, and Emily?
Barry Sloane: At the beginning of the season you can see some friction between the two of them—Aiden siding with Victoria and spending some time outside the equation. Obviously that creates some problems, but there’s a deep bond between the two characters, and this season will explore further on that.

DA: In season two we saw Aiden as a very skillful man who’s capable in getting almost whatever he wants. What different sides of Aiden will we see this season?
BS: We’ll see a far more outwardly confident Aiden in public. He’s going to make his presence felt, since he was more likely living in the shadow last year with the position he had with Emily and the mission.

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“As an actor, stage is the only place we’re truly free.”


DA: It’s said that the third season has more sex scenes than before.
BS: Yes. This is the show with young and mostly good-looking people, so I think it’d be a shame for them not to take their clothes off—while I’m around. I’m sure that producers and audience will be happy with what they’re going to see this year.

DA: How do you see Aiden as a character?
BS: Aiden is a very troubled soul; he’s got a lot of issues and darkness to him. Same as Emily, really. He’s a very passionate man. A lot of what he’s fighting for is the love of his family. You mix that with the ability to kill people, the combination makes a very dangerous person. Both Emily and Aiden are both dangerous people. I won’t be on the wrong side of them.


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DA: Besides “Revenge,” any other project you’ve been busy doing?
BS: I’m not filming at the moment, but I’ve filmed a new movie called “Noah.” It’s Darren Aronofsky’s movie with Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and it’s going to be out in summer 2014. It’s retelling the classic tale of
Noah, but through Darren’s eyes.

DA: Looking at your acting portfolio, we have to say that you’re a very versatile actor. First of all, how is it different from playing in TV series in the U.S. compared to the ones in the UK?
BS: The job itself is the same. I’ve worked on the shows that run faster, but the production value in the states is far bigger. Just the money spent per episode, you can probably spend it on a series in the U.K. It’s a privilege to work in this country, which has been very good to me so far.

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DA: You’ve also done both Broadway and West End shows. Again, what’s the difference?
BS: As an actor, stage is the only place we’re truly free. You can be given directions by a director, but ultimately when you step on that stage, he can only watch you from the audience seat and give you notes afterwards. Once that play has begun, the actor is completely in control of what they do and their performance.

In television it’s a different medium, it belongs to the directors and producers, and you’re hired to do a job, to do it well, to realize the wishes of the director. I personally love theater, love everything that I’ve managed to do. If I continue working in these areas, I’ll be happy for the next ten years.

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“I would not compare myself to anybody ‘cause I think one of the best things about acting is it should be about personality and individuality.”


DA: Let’s tread down the memory lane a bit. Where did you cut your acting teeth?
BS: I was a musician playing in a band when I was 15 to 19 years old. I went in for an audition for a movie for NBC, which was about The Beatles. They’re looking for musicians to come to play, and I’ve studied theater in England. But it was the height of the Brit Pop at that time; I wanted to be Liam Gallagher. So, I thought I was going to be the next big musician although I’d have a hand at acting for a while. Yet I was fortunate that both paths crossed; since then it’s been a great ride.

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DA: As there are more and more British actors who have been successful in Hollywood, do you have any other British actors in the industry that you would like to compare yourself with?
BS: I would not compare myself to anybody ‘cause I think one of the best things about acting is it should be about personality and individuality. People whom I admire are Tom Hardy—I think he’s an incredibly strong and versatile actor—and Bryan Cranston—who’s done a lot of things, “Breaking Bad” of late—and Russell Crowe. Tim Roth is one of my favorite actors, too. I’d like to work with those guys, but wouldn’t compare myself with them in particular.

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