Exclusive fashion shoot and interview: Nick Eversman

For the past seveal years, rising actor Nick Eversman has plied his trade as a guest star in a handful of TV shows and big screen productions such as The Runaways, House M.D., NCIS, CSI: Miami, Cinema Verite and more. In addition he has major roles in TV series called Missing and an upcoming feature film entitled Deep Dark Canyon.

Black Jacket by Calvin Klein

Recently celebrating his 26th birthday, the native of the U.S. state of Wisconsin has progressed well beyond his ‘starving actor’ in which he had a job as giant shrimp in a promotional campaign.

Here, Nick plays the role of fashion model exclusively for DA MAN online and tells us about some of his hot upcoming projects.

DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
Nick Eversman:
Going to the Santa Monica Pier for the first time. It was one of the first things I did when I moved out to L.A.

DA MAN: You can’t live without your…
Nick Eversman:
Music. I’m a huge fan of 1970s rock. Floyd and Zeppelin are favorites, but anything that’s got a good heavy beat to it will feed my soul.


T-shirt by Calvin Klein, jeans by Lee, shoes by Vans

DA MAN: Your idea of happiness…
Nick Eversman:
Is eating a plate of sushi, watching the sunset on the Na Pali Coast with a certain someone.

DA MAN: You value…
Nick Eversman:
My friends and family. Wouldn’t be here without them.

DA MAN: Something that you’ve not told anyone is…
Nick Eversman:
A rare occurrence. My life’s pretty much an open book.

DA MAN: This year your goal is to…
Nick Eversman:
Go camping. I haven’t been camping in like three years, which is far too long.


Shirt by Tom Ford

 DA MAN: Fashion, to you, is…
Nick Eversman:
Knowing how to dress, which I’m slowly learning.

DA MAN: If you were not acting, you would be…
Nick Eversman:
Painting and designing guitars. I’ve got a few that I’ve custom-painted myself and just loved the whole process.

DA MAN: Your favorite journey has been…
Nick Eversman:
This crazy one that I’m on now. The last five years I’ve lived in 11 different places in two states and three countries. Sometimes I wish life would just slow down so I could have more time to take it all in.

Jacket by Top Man, T-shirt by Calvin Klein, jeans by Diesel, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, shoes by Vans


DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
Nick Eversman:
“The love you take is equal to the love you make” – The Beatles

DA MAN: What was it like to shoot Cinema Verite on HBO?
Nick Eversman:
Oh man, the whole experience was just a dream come true. Not only was I working with HBO, which was always a dream of mine, but I got to work with some of my favorite actors of all time. Having Tim Robbins and Diane Lane as parents was wonderful. Every day I went to work it was like going to a masters class. I also recorded at Capital Records for two songs that were performed in the film. That was amazing! I even sang using one of Frank Sinatra’s old microphones. Talk about intimidating.

DA MAN: Tell us about working and shooting Missing for ABC?
Nick Eversman:
That was definitely one of the craziest times in my life. The day after I auditioned for it they flew me to Prague for five months. I think I had jet lag for a month, not to mention a huge culture shock. This role (playing Michael Winstone on Missing) is probably my favorite one that I’ve ever done. It’s kinda the perfect job. We basically shot a Bond film every two weeks. I’d always wanted to be a part of some big spy-action film, so being able to do at least 10 of them was another big dream come true.


Jacket by Top Man, T-shirt by Calvin Klein, jeans by Diesel, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, shoes by Vans

Photographs:  Eric Silverberg
Grooming: Leslie Alejandro