Nick Wechsler Raps About “Revenge” and “Roswell”

DA MAN: How would you describe your character on Revenge in one sentence?
Nick Wechsler: Loyal and honest and loving and hard-working and too decent for his own good.

DA MAN: In what ways are you different from Jack Porter?
Nick Wechsler: I have a lot in common with him — for example, I’m fiercely loyal and have an overactive moral compass — but Jack’s probably a better guy than I am. I’m much more flawed. I’m filthy and I have a temper and I can be lazy and quiet and unromantic. And according to many fans, I’m shorter than he is. But I’m also less likely to put up with the stuff he has, so suck on that, Porter!

DA MAN: It’s no secret that “Revenge” has more female viewers than male ones, especially since lots of reviewers have referred to it as a “prime-time soap opera.” What would be your pitch to guys who haven’t seen the show yet?
Nick Wechsler: At its bones, it’s the story of a girl who, as a child, was deeply wronged by some rich assholes, so she decides, as an adult, to live amongst her enemies in order to systematically destroy their lives. How badass is that? If you refuse to watch the show because the lead is a girl or because the guys are good-looking, then just know that Emily Thorne is more of a man than you are.


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DA MAN: What is filming “Revenge” like? In what ways is it different from filming “Roswell”?
Nick Wechsler: Filming Revenge is great fun. You get to go to work and play cowboys and Indians with your buddies. Only that’s racist or something, so maybe not that. But you get my point. Basically, you get to act like children. You get to pretend professionally and then make dick jokes in the downtime. I mean it’s difficult too, y’know. The hours are long and the sporadic and you have to be on all the time, but it’s what you sign up for. And it’s a small price to pay for doing what you want to do. Filming “Roswell” was similar in every way I just described, but it was a different experience working when I was younger. I was more carefree then, to be honest. I felt less pressure. Self-imposed pressure, to be clear. In that sense, it was easier to enjoy. But everyone gets along better on this set than they did on Roswell. So Revenge is a warmer and more inviting and supportive work environment.

DA MAN: Have you actually been to the Hamptons? Is it a place you would go to for your own vacation?
Nick Wechsler: I have never been to the Hamptons. I’d be curious to see it because it is apparently beautiful, but I’m not sure I like what it represents. I find that level of wealth kind of unnerving and offensive.


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