Josh Bowman of “Revenge” Shares What He Really Thinks About Hollywood

DA MAN: Tell us what it was like for you to move halfway around the world and start a relatively new career?
Josh Bowman: You know the world isn’t as big as we make it out to be. For me, I felt a strong urge to come to the States to get out of my comfort zone and keep me on my toes. So I went to New York first and then came to Los Angeles. I think that’s why so many Brits and Aussies are working in the industry today, because we all need visa’s to work here and to get one you need to get a job here (well, at least in my case I did). So when you get off that plane you are breaking your back to make sure you get a job. Plus it helps that the weather’s nice in California!

DA MAN: A lot of actors have crossed over to directing at one point or another. Most start out by directing an episode or two on their own series. Is this something you might be interested in doing?
Josh Bowman: Absolutely. Whenever I can on set, I shadow the directors who are shooting and ask what are probably a lot of annoying questions to the camera men, but to me it’s a free directing class. We have a new director almost every episode, so it’s great to see all the different shooting styles they have. I’m excited to try it somewhere down the line for sure.

DA MAN: You used to be a rugby player in England. Do you ever miss it?
Josh Bowman: Why would you miss breaking your bones, dislocating limbs, tearing muscles and losing teeth?!

DA MAN: What is so appealing about acting, that made you make the change from rugby to acting instead of… say, music or something? You already play the drums; why not pursue music?
Josh Bowman: I think, for me, if I was good enough I would have for sure wanted to have a music career, but I picked it up too late and only have fun with it now. I do incorporate music into my acting and use it as a tool as it can be so helpful in terms of a characters rhythms and voice. Acting is such a beautiful study of people and relationships and that’s what I have always found so intriguing. Not only that but you learn so much about yourself by being an actor and isn’t that part of why we’re here?



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