Etro’s Colorful Ties

Italian fashion brand, Etro, takes inspiration from half way around the world to create a new collection of colorful paisley ties, which are perfect for your festive days.

Flair for the dramatic

The combination of vibrant 1960s paisley patterns, a stunning color combination and 1980s flat-cut bottoms makes these ties from Etro edgy and summery, while providing a pleasant contrast to your everyday office attire.

Look dapper and sartorially prim with a dash of multi-hued flair. They come in a blend of paisley, flowers and fruits. Etro’s overall theme this season is the “Tree of Life” (the Indian version and the Banyan tree); and courtesy of these trees, the Italian dandy’s favorite brand has been inspired by “the branches, leaves and shoots, small and soft like the paisley frond, which flew in the wind on the strophes of the Mahabharata… and ancient and brightly colored India, for your festive elegance and joyous simplicity.”

That’s a lot.

But suffice to say, they are hot, colorful and excellent for summer partying with a flair.