Etro Attempts a Rosey Fragrance for Men

ROSES FOR THE MAN. A floral fragrance for men is something that many perfumeries try to avoid, but Etro is trying to bring out the masculinity of the rose


Fragrances for men have often been more accustomed to spicy, citrusy or even musky aromas, but very rarely do they incorporate a floral scent. Contrary to this, Etro has made an interesting announcement by releasing its new perfume titled ManRose. One does not need to guess what the new perfume contains, as the name says it all: It contains rose. But before voicing your discontent on the choice of aroma by the Italian fashion house, you should note that despite containing a scent often acquainted with women, the Turkish rose is used as a mild mid note of the perfume, hence not overpowering the perfume by making it smell too feminine.

By combining the fragrances of bergamot, cardamom, Sichuan pepper, elemi resin, patchouli, vetiver, leather, amber, musk and precious woods, with Turkish rose, the essence of masculinity is still strong, yet thanks to the hint of rose in the air, a gentleness is provided. Etro’s ManRose was created to be an aroma that embodies the beautiful subtleties of a rose but also reflects the toughness behind its sensitivity, like the thorns of a rose. The scent is familiar to the nose yet made more enticing by the addition of the rose.


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