Essilor and Optik Seis Launch Transitions Lens

Essilor, the world leader in optical industry, along with Indonesia’s own Optik Seis have together launched the lates innovation: the Transitions lens style colors and style mirrors.

Held at Skye Bar and Lounge, Central Jakarta and attended by many public figures, the launch event was themed “Pick Your Color, Choose Your Style,” and it was a youthful celebration of technology and style.

Rio Dewanto
Nino Fernandez
Hannah Al Rashid

Essilor Indonesia’s Country manager, Peter Pelnis described it properly; “We are exposed on various kinds of lights – from the better to the worse ones. The Transition Lens is a brilliant solution to adjust and control the light that came into your eyes any time and any where.”

The collaboration released not more than ten variants of colors, and will soon be available in all of Optik Seis’ more than 150 retails all over Indonesia starting the beginning of May 2019.