Essentials: Armani Jeans

THREE IN ONE. Invented for mining purposes, denim has evolved into the ultimate casual go-to embraced by many, not excluding the Italian fashion powerhouse: Armani. In 1981, it gave birth to Armani Jeans, a line specializing in denim, celebrated with the “Made in the World.”

Armani Jeans Daman MagazineArmani Jeans Daman MagazineArmani Jeans Daman Magazine

In 2014 the project continues to incorporate eco-friendly materials and produce matching jeans and shirts made in three countries: Italy, Japan and the US. Each pair is processed through a no-waste washing stage with a supply chain from those countries. This limited-edition collection is also accompanied with bandanas for the products made in Italy, and bracelets for the American- and Japanese-made pieces.