Essential: Bally Sporty Signature Stripes

RAISING THE BAR. There has been something different about Bally since the departure of Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler, the previous creative directors, or perhaps more accurately, since new CEO Frederic de Narp took over their spot with ambitious aspirations.


Daman Bally sporty signature stripes 2

Daman Bally sporty signature stripes

And it is not only its menswear line that gets a lift, the core of the business, i.e. their shoes and bags, is now handled with a focus on master craftsmanship and a keener eye for detail. Now Bally will focus on shaping a luxurious range of shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear items into truly cheritable pieces. As for the how, signature stripes now emblazon sporty shoes and backpacks, while consummate construction techniques remain. These pieces thus stand at the intersection of heritage and modernity, pieces that men want and need.