Elevate Your Style With a Touch of TUDOR Blue

A round-up of highlights featuring touches of blue from TUDOR’s expansive catalog of watches

TUDOR has a lot going for its watches, from the strong appeal of the Black Bay models to the small unique characteristics like the snowflake hands and even—or especially—unique models like the P01. One rather underappreciated, or at least often overlooked, aspect of the brand, however, is arguably the color blue.

See, since around the 1960s, TUDOR’s catalog of watches has included quite a few models featuring dials and other details in blue. Of course, watches in blue or with blue accents lends themselves well to putting together refined yet discreet looks. And in the case of TUDOR, they also highlight the brand’s connection to water, particularly its historical divers’ watches.

So, today, as blue dials have emerged once again as a strong trend in the watch world, let’s take a look at a selection of timepieces showcasing the charming touch of TUDOR Blue…



The TUDOR Royal watches blends a range of historical design elements that, as the name implies, has given the brand’s creations an air of nobility. These include the crenelated bezel that alternates between surface polish and cut grooves from the 1960s and the bracelet integrated into the watch case from the 1970s. Today, the TUDOR Royal line includes a model with a striking blue sunray satin-finished dial.


Black Bay Fifty Eight “Navy Blue”

This particular model is a nod to the time when TUDOR provided divers’ watches for the French navy, the Marine Nationale, back in the 1970s. The Black Bay Fifty Eight “Navy Blue” adopts the proportions of those generation of watches and their matt navy blue color. The fabric strap for this model adds yet another historical touch point that has proven popular among vintage watch enthusiasts.


TUDOR Pelagos

No story about the divers’ watches from TUDOR would be complete without mentioning the Pelagos, which is basically the “heir” to the brand’s timepieces used by naval divers back in the 1950s. As a bona fide divers’ watch, the TUDOR Pelagos comes equipped with a helium escape valve and a rotating bezel in ceramic with phosphorescent hour markers. Furthermore, it has a unique bracelet with a patented clasp that automatically adjusts to the wrist during a dive.


Black Bay 32

Designed for smaller wrists, the Black Bay 32 brings the emblematic design of TUDOR’s famed tool watches to the world of feminine watches. The most remarkable feature of this particular Black Bay model is, without doubt, its electric blue lacquered dial. Most notably, the dial appears rather discreet under artificial light but appears much more vibrant under the sun, making it the perfect everyday timepiece.


Heritage Chrono Blue

The final entry in this TUDOR Blue story is the Heritage Chrono Blue, a model inspired by the brand’s very first blue chronograph, the reference 7169 released in 1971. Like its predecessor, the contemporary Heritage Chrono Blue also bears the “Monte Carlo” nickname as its dial is reminiscent of roulette wheels found in the casinos of Monaco. And then there’s the famous Mediterranean blue hue, which is also found on the watch’s fabric strap and rotating b