Eden Park Finally Arrives in Jakarta

The moment we all have been waiting for is finally here. French’s finest luxury and sports brand Eden Park finally steps on the land of Indonesia. UTOMOCORP brings the brand to the capital city, Jakarta, and their first store is located in Level 2 of Plaza Indonesia. The store brings their fan-favorite men’s collection like jackets, polo shirts, and fitted trousers.

The premium sporty-casual brand’s aim is to give an understanding that men could look great and refined at the same time. Casual elegance is served simply in their classic cut shirts and comfortable trousers, made perfect for day-to-day needs, elevated with flair added to the collection.

More point of sales will be opened across Indonesia in 2019. As for worldwide, Eden Park has 325 point of sales in France, and 241 point of sales in more than 34 countries worldwide including Taiwan, Switzerland, Dubai, Spain, and Italy.

Started back in 1987, this French luxury and sports clothing atelier was born to this world. The DNA of the brand emerged from the rugby stadium in Auckland. The owner, Franck Mesnel, wore a pink bow-tie on his final position with his partners of the late 80s. Monsieur Mesnel himself had been an entrepreneur since he was young, and he opened the brand with a partner named Eric Blanc.