Eddie Kaye Thomas of “Scorpion” Takes on His Most Mature Role—As Himself

THE MIND READER. Having shot to fame through the “American Pie” series, Eddie Kaye Thomas shows how his acting chops run much, much deeper with hit TV series “Scorpion”


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Eddie Kaye Thomas became a household name after he appeared as the precocious Paul Finch in “American Pie” and its three sequels. He has also done plenty of other comedies, from cheesy ones like “Freddy Got Fingered” to surprise hits like “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.”

Now, while it’s easy to associate an actor with the over-the-top roles he’s best known for, Thomas has much more in common with the more “serious” classically-trained artists, as he earned his acting spurs on theater. That, and his current on-screen home is the popular tech-thriller “Scorpion,” where he plays a not-so-typical (for him, at least) genius.

Judging by how our conversation went, “genius” definitely fits him better—whether it’s as an actor or as a storyteller with a knack for providing witty exposition on showbiz.


DA MAN: Hi Eddie! Glad to have you with us. Since we’re already halfway through the year, how do you feel has 2016 treated you so far?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: 2016 has been great. “Scorpion” is the most labor-intensive job I have ever had, and so far this year we’ve been grinding away very hard. The episodes airing this year are bigger and crazier than the ones from first season, so we’ve all been giving it all we’ve got.

DA MAN: Are there any other film projects that you’re currently working on?
Eddie Kaye Thomas: I’m still voicing Barry on “American Dad.” Being on a cartoon was always a dream of mine, and I lucked out getting on “American Dad.” It’s one of the few shows that have gotten better and funnier each year. Those writers are very impressive.

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