Eat+Drink: Auroz Gourmet Grill

MAKE ENDS MEAT. Hot on the heels of Amuz, a French fine-dining restaurant strategically located in the heart of Jakarta, chef Gilles Marx expands his culinary ambition to a more casual atmosphere at Auroz Gourmet Grill (Jl. Budi Kemuliaan 1 no. 2, Medan Merdeka, Jakarta; +62 21 2957 3690;

Boasting French haute cuisine, the salivating selections also incorporate a taste or two of American and Japanese cooking.

The menu is rife with beefy options, considering the name “Auroz” which derives from the word “Aurochs” referring to an ancestor of domestic cattle. Sample Grilled Sulawesi Blue Fin Tuna Loin and Pork Belly for a satisfactory introduction.