Eat & Drink: Publik Markette Features an Appetizing Food Gallery

OPEN FOR PUBLIC. Upon entering Publik Markette (Grand Indonesia, Central Department Store, East Mall, ground floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta; +62 21 2358 1281) you will be greeted by a visually appetizing feast the “food gallery” that features a long row of mouthwatering appetizers, main courses and desserts.


With the newly conceptualized food gallery that displays a different menu every day and a Cuban-themed interior, this new addition in Ismaya Group’s portfolio became the talk of the town shortly after it was opened. Thankfully, it manages to live up to the hype by delivering tasteful dishes and a cozy ambience. To top it all off, a coffee bar and a juice bar have been set up to let people order drinks to-go or hang out outside the dining area.