Eat & Drink: Olivier Offers Eclectic Menu

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. “Never judge a book by its cover” is an adage that aptly applies to Olivier (Grand Indonesia, West Mall, UG Floor; +62 21 2358 1242). The hole-in-the-wall pastry counter at the entrance offers a stark contrast to the expansive indoor dining section that extends to a cozy and inviting semi-open foyer






Photographs from bygone eras and a stuffed deer head hung on the wall give off a European summerhouse feel where hunting is a celebrated pastime. Yet, the eclectic menu tells otherwise. Sambal fanatics shouldn’t miss the spicy spaghetti with prawns and sambal terasi (shrimp paste). Another surprising culinary match is the main course entry of tongue and oxtail on Kimchi fried rice. If you’re looking for something unfamiliar and fun, Olivier is the one.