Eat & Drink: H Gourmet & Vibes is Inspired by NYC

GOOD VIBES. Gourmet and Vibes (Jl. Gunawarman No. 41, Jakarta; +62 21 2751 0167; is determined to live up its name.


“Gourmet”-wise, it serves up dishes from the American South in big portions, while, “Vibe”-wise, it incorporates visual elements from New York City. Judging from both aspects, this new joint seems to have ticked all the boxes of a go-to destination for Jakartans who are tired of shopping malls.


Yet it’s the taste of the food that ultimately gives us the final verdict. Among the restaurant’s specialties are Phillycheese, which combines rib eye and cheese in one chunk of wheat bread, and Poor Boy, shredded chicken and deep-fried shrimp stacked on a French roll. One thing for certain, you’ll get your money’s worth and then some—particularly if you opt to top off your meal with the H’s Nutellish shake and Springbreeze mocktail.