Eat & Drink : GIA Offers Authentic Italian Fare

CULINARY RENAISSANCE. Looking for hearty, authentic Italian fare? Then head over to GIA (Sampoerna Strategic Square, South Tower, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45-46, Jakarta; +62 21 5795 3300; for delectable antipasti selections, huge portions of pasta, steak served with polenta and the restaurant’s array of unique cocktails named after famous Italian beauties.



Granted, some of the dishes have been tweaked a bit to fit local tastes. The pasta dishes are spiced up a little bit salty and spicy. Overall, the food on offer at GIA is unmistakably Italian, with many ingredients directly imported from Italy and the executive chef, one Tommaso Gonfiantini, being a native of Tuscany who takes pride in his motherland’s culinary traditions. Casual fine dining really doesn’t get better than this.