dunhill Celebrates Its Iconic Lock Bag

The brand launched a photo series that showcases the Lock Bag in all its glory

White Eel Skin Lock Bag at the Bank of England, manifesting an executive style of the city worker

First seen on the runway of Paris Fashion Week in 2020, the dunhill Lock Bag has been an iconic part of the brand’s repertoire. Inspired by classic British attaché cases from the dunhill archives, this creation embodies the house’s heritage, infused with contemporary functionality.

Ink Leather Lock Bag at Tower Bridge, capturing the melting pot of contrasting architecture and styles that define the city

To celebrate this magnificent piece, the British luxury goods brand has introduced a photographic series, set against the backdrop of the dynamic city of London. Photographer Chris Rhodes captured the Lock Bag at different sites throughout the city, including the Bank of England, Tower Bridge, Saint Martins, Soho, Trafalgar Square and Mount Street.

Ad Silver Lock Bag at Saint Martins art school, cherishing innovation and influence throughout the fashion industry and arts

Beyond the well-loved original leather and metallic bags, the series also features the new white Lock Bag for spring/summer 2021, a latest style esteemed as a key accessory from the collection.

Black Leather Lock Bag at Mount Street, honoring the brand’s root just around the corner of the dunhill House