Dr. Martens Launches Its Second Collaboration With The Sex Pistols

A Docs collection inspired by one of the most infamous TV interviews that shocked the nation and catapulted the Sex Pistols into stardom

This year, Dr. Martens launches its second collaboration with the Sex Pistols, as part of the brand’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The British footwear brand pays tribute to the infamous TV interview that catapulted the band to notoriety, as well as the subsequent headlines that helped put the band—and also the punk movement—on the map.

Back in 1976, the Pistols’ interview with presenter Bill Grundy caused such an outrage—as the band swore on-air—that it was debated all around the United Kingdom and basically shocked the entire nation. Long story short, it truly changed British broadcasting forever. The Sex Pistols became the hottest topic in the U.K. at the time and the band was launched into the stratosphere of infamy.

Moving on to the present, Dr. Martens brings the original front pages, the infamous “Filth and the Fury” that dominated newspaper headlines in British media sparked by the infamous interview, and emblazoned it onto the brand’s classic 1461 silhouette.

The 1460 boot, on the other hand, comes in sleek and black Milled Smooth leather with “Sex Pistols,” “Anarchy” and “God Save The Queen” lettering across the upper side. Completed with bespoke and anarchic packaging, Dr. Martens successfully blended the past with the present, with one of the most defining moments in alternative music history.