Donald Glover’s Consistent Evolution of Style

The actor, rapper, comedian, writer and producer is not just a multi-talented celebrity, but also a modern-day fashion icon.

Glover, also known under the stage name Childish Gambino, is regarded as a genius in music for his always-evolving approach which knows no boundaries. With world class stylist Ilaria Urbinati on his side, he is also famous for his always-evolving, one-of-a-kind and effortless style during each and every phase of his career. Glover reached his peak with the release of his hit single “Redbone” from his 2016 album “Awaken, My Love!” He later starred in several blockbusters such as “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and the recently released “Lion King.”

As he progresses through his creative journey, his fashion and style just keeps on getting better. This man will show you how to wear a brand and not the other way around.

1. Getting out of bed for breakfast … or a PR Tour

Source: Getty Images
Off-White x The Webster

Taking floral to whole new level in a matching two-piece floral silk PJ and red crocodile skin loafers while heading to the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


2. The Sahara Cruiser

One of his trademark attires is the brown jacket, like this suede piece from Ermenegildo Zegna Couture that really does a lot of the talking for him.

Source: Getty Images
Saint Laurent


3. Paparazzi-friendly Street Casual

With fall/winter coming, it’s the right time to pick up a turtleneck. And since it’s still summer, short pants—as well as sunglasses—are still a viable option.

Sandro Paris


4. 1970s Daddy

One of Glover’s signature styles is a jacket or sweater without a shirt underneath, just like how he wore this Bottega Venetta sweater which gave him a classic 1970s disco look.

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Etro Men


5. 1970s Daddy, Pt. 2

His style nowadays is pretty much inspired by the 1970s. It’s a style that he seems comfortable with and can effortlessly pull off. He often chills it down a bit by wearing a buttoned-down, tucked in shirt.

Getty Images
Etro Men

6. The Harley-riding Cowboy

Simple, never too flashy, but it just screams swagger. When going to events, his style approach is often his own rather than the usual Hollywood set-up.

Source: Getty Images
Suede jacket by Prada


7. Red Mamba

Glover’s smart-casual game is never flawed. He never shies away from bright colors and for pulling it off without much effort he looks absolutely classy.

Source: Splash News

8. The Anti-Tuxedo

Be it for premiere galas or red-carpet events, he’s notable for never wearing ties and instead going for bolder jacket-based looks, which puts him in a league of his own. The man surely knows how to drip himself in the most elegant way.

Source: Getty Images

9. The Summer Hat

It’s summer and what could be better than to wear a buttoned-down printed shirt, simple shorts and a killer pair of sneakers with no socks. The optional icing on the cake? A hat.

Source: Venturelli / Getty Images
Nick Fouquet


10. The Messiah

One of the pinnacles of fashion is to be able to get away with an all-white outfit and Donald Glover has naturally achieved that.

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Neil Barret