DJ Hardwell Reveals What It Takes to Be Number One


DA MAN: You also released a documentary last year. What do you expect people to discover from this feature?
DJ Hardwell: This documentary is a follow-up from my first one. I want fans to get an insight into my life, career and passion after I was awarded the title of World’s number one DJ. It’s been a crazy journey and so much has changed and happened, with me having grown as well. So, it’s a real through-the-keyhole view on me and what it takes to hold a title like that.


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DA MAN: What does it take to become the youngest number-one DJ and to always stay in top form?
DJ Hardwell: There’s a lot of pressure; it involves a lot of work and a very busy schedule, from shows to press to studio work to traveling. It’s a very busy existence, but I loved it and still do—it’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. My life is a little less stressful now but still equally busy. I’m still touring like I was doing before, but I’m now getting a chance to be in the studio more, which I’m really loving!

DA MAN: Your first full production show in Asia was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, a couple of years ago. Is there anything you remember about your fans here?
DJ Hardwell: It’s simply crazy! They really love the music over there. It’s a fantastic location to go to and play, to visit and soak up the atmosphere and culture. I loved it!

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