Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag gets a makeover for the season

Renowned for its distinctive silhouette and timeless allure, Dior’s latest designs for its Saddle Bag are poised to once again capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide

The Saddle bag’s debut dates back to 1999, when John Galliano reigned at the Dior atelier. Over two decades have passed, yet the Saddle still holds a special place for the house of Dior and fans of the brand. Inspired by the elegance of the equestrian world, this iconic bag undergoes new reinterpretation season after season. This fall/winter, Dior Men’s creative director Kim Jones has reinvented the bag with new graphic lines, resulting in a refined and sublime appearance. The current Saddle finds perfection in the Dior Oblique Gravity leather, embossed with a delicate cloudy effect. The makeover instantly infuses an ultramodern spirit into the two-decade-old design.

The new Saddle bags seamlessly combine style and functionality. Featuring multiple compartments and removable shoulder straps. Moreover, they come in several enchanting shades, offering you plenty of options to confidently express your personal style.