Dior unveils a new pair of B33 Sneakers in the iconic 30 Avenue Montaigne Colorway

Thibo Denis, head of men’s footwear at Christian Dior Couture, has created a B33 sneaker design that channels some strong 30 Avenue Montaigne vibes

30 Avenue Montaigne has undoubtedly become an endless inspiration for Dior. This guiding light has even escorted footwear designer Thibo Denis to create shoes out of the salons’ sentimental bits. This brings us to Denis’ most recent brainchild, the B33 sneakers, which come in the “30, Avenue Montaigne” shade and are adorned with Dior’s contemporary lines for the ultimate urban look.

The sneakers are available in two exclusive versions, one with mohair and the other with the Dior Oblique motif. With its low-top design and casual appearance, these shoes become ideal everyday essentials.