Dior Reopens Its Ateliers To Produce Medical Masks

Uplifting news continues to pour from the world of luxury fashion as Dior joins the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. The French luxury label has reopened its Baby Dior ateliers in Redon, France, to produce medical masks, one of the most critical items required by healthcare professionals in this crisis.

This venture follows the announcement by the LVMH Group, Dior’s parent company, to distribute 40 million medical-grade face masks to healthcare personnel throughout France.

An official statement from the brand read: “Dior is actively committed to aiding and protecting all those who are on the front line every day. Thank you to our wonderful petites mains who, in an exceptional show of solidarity, are working tirelessly to protect them. We will return more creative than ever to continue making you dream. But for the time being our petites mains have voluntarily undertaken to produce masks for those invaluable people working selflessly on the front lines. Take care of yourself, we are by your side.”