Dior Releases B31 Sneakers Dedicated For The Adventurous Souls

Kim Jones has unveiled a new sneakers collection for the house of Dior which has been designed specifically to accompany outdoor activities

For Spring 2023, natural elements have become primary invaders in quite a few designers’ collections. That fact becomes clearly apparent when we look through Dior’s collection for the season. Kim Jones stated that he wanted his collection to celebrate nature as if presenting an invitation to rediscover and explore it. This elements is present not only in the brand’s clothing, but also its shoes as Dior releases a new iteration of its B31 Sneakers. These new shoes, in particular, combine elegance with functionality to accompany outdoor activities.

Zoom view - Image 7 - B31 Runner Sneaker Detailed view

Zoom view - Image 6 - B31 Runner Sneaker Detailed view

Zoom view - Image 2 - B31 Runner Sneaker Three quarter closed view

These new B31 sneakers feature warped cannage cosmo rubber detailing and feature outsoles that are reinforced with rubber pads for a better grip. The CD diamond signature also give them a more stylish aesthetic. Available in two-tone or monochrome and punctuated with a “DIOR” inscription, these sneakers showcase an irresistible nonchalance that is perfect for those who fancy looking chic while hiking.