Dior Men’s Winter Collection pays homage to Saint Laurent

For Dior Men’s latest seasonal offering, Kim Jones orchestrates a sartorial tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s legacy

KIM JONES HAS initiated the new season of Dior Men by adapting a compelling narrative from the past. As a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, who was a notable successor to house founder Christian Dior, Jones has created a winter collection that salutes Saint Laurent’s era at the helm of the storied French fashion house. To reinforce this concept and translate his ideas into a more relatable format, Jones cast a team of up-and-coming models including Wu Guoqiang, Emile Danckaert, Awwal Adeoti and Silouane Vongkhamchanh, for this new seasonal campaign. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of water, particularly the Thames and Seine rivers, Jones translated the historical and contemporary spirit of the maison through a smooth transitional wardrobe. Interestingly, the resulting pieces can easily work for any season. Furthermore, Jones also revisits many of Saint Laurent’s most well-known creations, especially those featuring polka dots and prints, giving them a fresh spin for this new collection. On the technical side of things, the campaign was shot by Rafael Pavarotti while Melanie Ward was in charge of styling the aforementioned cast of models. Together, they created a tantalizing body of work that commands attention and exudes a masculine sophistication