Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2019 Show in Tokyo

Last week, Dior Men launched its pre-fall 2019 collection in a special show in Tokyo. The second of Kim Jones’s overall release for the Parisian fashion house, it was probably one of the most awaited shows before the end of the year. First, because it would have been the designer’s first Dior men’s collection show, as well as being their first on a focused men’s collection show in Japan’s capital. Second, the hype circulating the show has been wild — and it delivered!

Kim Jones and his creations at the Dior Men pre-fall 2019 show venue in Tokyo – © Brett Lloyd

The theme was futuristic, with robots being big parts of the overall event (from before and after parties, as well as the models looks,) and was attended by the likes of Bella Hadid and David Beckham. A 39-feet tall statue of an iron fembot stood in the middle of the circular runway, a signature icon of the artist who built her, Hajime Sorayama.

The 39ft robot statue by Hajime Sorayama – © Jun Sato

And finally, the collection itself. The said theme translated well into Jones’s creations. Pieces were incorporated with metallic materials, such as the bomber jacket, silk shirt, and military style high boots, while the large amount of blacks also gave a nice contrast to the shiny ones.

Jones went the extra mile with some well-thought-out sling bags and pouches that looked totally beyond our time, along with some nifty “Back to the Future”-ish mono-lensed sunglasses, and monogram rings. But the most head turning accessory was a silver dome cap – like something made to be part of “Star Wars”‘ wardrobe. The android elements carried on even to the smallest details like little buckles on their coats, bags and caps, and actually went all the way to recreate a new, updated and of course futuristic new emblem for the house.

That’s not to say that it was all about mechanical paradise here. Jones also brilliantly used Asian influences. Like on his prints by applying the elegant cherry blossoms over the silvery slivers. Or the coats and dress jackets that mirrored Asian clean cut silhouettes.

It was a memorable night for all parties involved – the maison, their revolutionary artistic director and for loyal fans of both. Check out the key looks of the collection shown that night on the video below.

Collection first look photos – © Motohiko Hasui