Dior joins forces with Gran Turismo for a virtual racing gear collection

The collaboration involving the French luxury maison and the game franchise marks the unlikely intersection between video games and high fashion

Since its founding in 1946, Dior has always been a prominent player in the fashion industry, showcasing its excellence in creating innovation while preserving its heritage. The house has also embraced celebrities and talented individuals, welcoming them to the family. Recently, the maison once again stole attention through its first virtual fashion project, joining forces with an unlikely partner—the renowned racing game series “Gran Turismo.”

First debuting in 1997, “Gran Turismo” is a franchise developed by Japanese studio Polyphony Digital under PlayStation Studios. Created by Kazunori Yamauchi, the game series has sold over 85 million units for the PlayStation console—from the first to the current fifth model—as well as PlayStation Portable, gaining a prestigious status as PlayStation’s highest selling game franchise. Its collaboration with Dior was announced during the Gran Turismo World Series tournament held in Salzburg, Austria, surprising gamers and fans alike.

For this collaboration, artistic director Kim Jones designed revolutionary in-game items for the game, including a “skin” or outfit for gamers’ avatars. The ensemble comprises a bespoke racing suit in yellow and gray, featuring the Dior Oblique pattern, the CD Diamond initial and the Atelier Avenue Montaigne logo as a nod to the 30 Avenue Montaigne address of the house’s birthplace in Paris. The pattern also finds itself adorning the matching gloves and Diorizon shoes that complement the assemblage. What’s more, the number “47” plays an important role in these collaborative creations. Marking Dior’s first fashion show in 1947, the number is emblazoned on the racing suit.

Besides clothing, the capsule also includes a special edition of De Tomaso Mangusta customized for this collaboration. First launched in 1967 by Italian car manufacturer De Tomaso, the classic automotive creation now bears beige-and-gray racing livery and will be welcomed to the Hagerty Collection Legends car dealer. The number “47,” once again, makes its appearance on the car’s exterior. Further embellishing the vehicle is Dior decals.

The special in-game skin and the customized De Tomaso Mangusta will be accessible in the game exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles on Thursday, August 25 2022—a date suggesting a scheduled game update.

With innovative and striking designs that preserve heritage and demonstrate the house’s sartorial savoir-faire, even in virtual fashion, the collaboration between Dior and Gran Turismo has proven that mixing racing games and high fashion is an exciting possibility.

Learn more about the Dior x Gran Turismo collaboration through the video below: