Dior Introduces The B27, The House’s New Sneakers

The B27 sneakers is a new fashion statement for men and an expression of the spirit that Kim Jones adores.

The Artistic Director of Dior men’s collection, Kim Jones, is channeling diverse inspirations for this latest addition of sneaker to the French luxury brand. From the vintage look of ‘80s tennis shoes to the skateboarding universe, the new B27 sneakers  available in low and high-top sneakers – feature a modern, sporty and refined line.

Available in white, black or gray versions – a subtle tribute to Monsieur Dior’s signature shade – they are embellished with a multi-material finishing, combining smooth calf leather and nubuck with the Dior Oblique jacquard or the Dior Oblique Galaxy — in perforated leather — designed for the Spring 2021 men’s collection.

The B27 exalt Dior’s creative boldness, with combining its leatherworking heritage, from edge dyeing to topstitching, with each step of the manufacturing process reflecting the exceptional savoir-faire perpetuated by the petites mains in the House’s Italian workshops. The shoe’s inlays are combined and layered to create a unique, three-dimensional effect.

The Dior codes are used in the details, such as eyelets shaped after the iconic “CD” logo, while the name “DIOR” is embossed on the heel and inscribed on the sole. The Dior B27 sneakers will be available in Dior stores from November 2020.