Diesel’s Latest Releases For Its Summer 2020 Collection

With its Summer 2020 collection, Diesel takes you back to the ’90s.

For the brand’s summer 2020 offerings, Diesel combines the workwear-focus and graphics from the spring collection and evolves it into throwback athleticism, taking the sports scene of the ’90s as the main theme. The decade’s aesthetics is realized and modernized through layering over long-sleeved tees or crop-tops over outsized pieces to a neon color palette and tribal-tattoo prints. The key focus encompasses tracksuits, shorts and windbreakers that are updated for 2020.

Other than that, the standout pieces for the menswear collection include a denim jacquard suit consisting of an oversized shirt and shorts in a camouflage print. This look in particular recalls the surf-wear style from the ’90s. Plaid shirts gives a touch of grunge but come in brighter tones while the windbreakers are bold and roomy.

Diesel’s summer 2020 collection is now available in Indonesia and you can still get your favorite pieces with the brand’s Shop From Home service. Simply contact +62 818-0615-5659 to get started.



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