Diesel Celebrates Real Love in The “When Together” Campaign

“When we are apart, the mind just replays what the heart can’t delete. When together, it’s the only thing that matters.”

In the day-to-day reality that we are experiencing now, where physical contact is scarce and human relationships become distant, Diesel decides to celebrate the importance of being together with the “When Together” campaign for the spring/summer 2021.

Helmed by Creative Director Glenn Martens, the campaign consists of a short film directed by documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn that shows eight couples who, after a period of separation, find each other again. Every gesture, every caress, every kiss is as if it were the first. Each movement is a new first experience and finding each other becomes a rediscovery.

The eight couples were carefully chosen by Dunn and are New York couples who have experienced isolation in different ways, some separated by a street, others by dozens and dozens of miles; some have lived apart for a short period, others up to eight months.

Chronicling experiences that can embrace everyone, the “When Together” campaign turns into a mirror of society, continuing to give voice to people of all genders, backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences.

“Diesel, to me, has always been a radical protagonist, with her blunt honesty and sense of humor. Her unique voice has made her an undeniable cultural icon. I want to celebrate Diesel’s founding values and start over by building bridges through a message of hope, optimism, and inclusivity. We are truly working towards a better future,” says Martens.