Designclopedia: Encyclopedia of High-Fashion Interior Design

Piecing together the perfect bachelor pad takes a bit more effort and thought than picking out a neon beer sign to match that 7-year-old couch from your university days. DA MAN gets inside tips from a master of interior design, Mr. Hendra Gustari.

DA MAN sat down with Hendra Gustari, owner of Designclopedia, who passionately provided us with valuable tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re planning on having a perfectly decorated home.

Tips for a stylish decor

There are no rules in design

“You can have your symmetrical measurements or dimensional harmony and whatnot, but in truth, it all comes down to your own wants.”

Never shop on impulse

“It would be a lot better if you take your time before you purchase furniture. Be extra sure that what you buy in the end is really what you need and what you truly want.”

Function before aesthetics

“This is highly relevant to the second tip: When you buy a piece of clothing only to realize later that you didn’t really need it, you can just go and buy more clothes the next day. That’s not as easy with furniture. Always think function before aesthetics.”

Visualize it

“Something may look terrific in a showroom, but that same item may not look as good in your house … everything looks good in a showroom. Every aspect of a good showroom is designed to enhance the appeal of the items within it… so it’s best to visualize the piece in your home.”

No love at first sight

“Sometimes it takes time for a good high-quality piece of furniture to be truly understood and appreciated in all its beauty—not to mention the artistic value. You have to know what makes you think a particular piece of furniture is the right one for you. You have to consider everything nearly as much as you might for a future bride. If you do it that way, you can then love, cherish and appreciate it for the long term.”