David Harbour Talks “Stranger Things” & Passion for Acting


David Harbour of Netflix's Stranger Things in Shirt and cardigan by Vince, denim trousers by 7 for All Mankind
Shirt and cardigan by Vince, denim trousers by 7 for All Mankind


DA MAN: The series is set in the ’80s. Did that pose any particular challenges for you?
David Harbour: I love the era. It was less of a challenge and more of a gift.

DA MAN: What was it like working with the Duffer Brothers?
David Harbour: I felt in very good hands. They are really good storytellers, so you know you are taken care of. And they let me do my work and didn’t get in my way, which is unfortunately rare in directors.

DA MAN: Do you have any funny or otherwise interesting behind-the-scenes stories that you can share with us?
David Harbour: Winona and I both hated wearing the yellow suits we use when we enter the Upside-Down [the show’s alternate dimension]. They were hot, heavy and uncomfortable and, whenever you breathed, you would fog up the glass and the camera couldn’t see you. So, you basically had to lug this thing around and not breathe. We complained constantly between takes, and then we would laugh about how much we complained and what babies we were being.

DA MAN: Can you tell us anything about season two of “Stranger Things”? What should fans expect to see?
David Harbour: You’ll really get to see more into who these folks are in season two. And I think you’ll see more interaction between Hop and Eleven—or what may or may not be Eleven.



“Acting gave voice to the hypocrisy and lunacy and wonder and terror I saw around me in daily life”



DA MAN: What other projects are you working on? Anything for theater, perhaps?
David Harbour: I just finished a few plays here in my home New York City. I love going back and forth between film and theater.

DA MAN: Let’s go back to the beginning. What pulled you into acting?
David Harbour: I felt like I had an extra sensitivity when it came to interpreting people’s body language and behavior. I was frustrated by seeing people say one thing and then behave the opposite of what they claimed they thought or wanted. Playing a character allowed me to express the way I saw the world. It gave voice to the hypocrisy and lunacy and wonder and terror I saw around me in daily life.

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