David Beckham’s Staple Color: Khaki

Former pro footballer David Beckham is known to be one of the most fashionable footballers on earth. Other than his love of football (having not long ago established the Inter-Miami Football Club), any David Beckham fan’s would know that he has an unspoken love for khaki.

The origins of Khaki goes back to December 1846, when it was worn for the first time by border troops of England-occupied India, with it originally made of twilled cloth of linen or cotton. It was in 1848, a khaki uniform was introduced which would be combined with a smock and white pajama trousers, a turban and an additional leather or padded cotton jacket for cold weather.

After World War II, khaki pants gained more popularity as civilian clothing. All regiments, whether British or Indian, who had served in the region had adopted khaki uniforms for active service and summer dress.

Here are some of David Beckham’s best looks that we spotted so far:

Beanie & Khaki

Photo by Photo Lab, Splash News

This look are one of the easiest formats, but he probably reckons that whit t-shirts are boring, so you might as well hit the basics with an alternative; a black shirt and a beanie.

Dessert Eagle

Here, Beckham shows that military palette goes very well with khaki pants. Put aside on who’s wearing it, Beckham takes casual khaki dressing out of the comfort zone.

Smart Casual Beckham

Beckham also shows that it doesn’t have to be the pants that do all the talking. A khaki Harrington jacket would suffice.

Hipster Beckham

At this point, we’ve learned that white sneakers are the best pairs for khaki. Then, polish it with a fine leather jacket.

Rain Man

Khaki coat is simply a must-have.

The Wimbledon V.V.I.P

Khaki suit jacket? Have it in linen and you will surely look like you got some serious style.

The O.G Khaki Man

A mono look of khaki? Definitely a yes.


There’s nothing more classic than wearing your khaki outfits for the weekend at the countryside, but it still looks super fine! The key is to mix different fabrics of the khaki outfits.