Daniel Lee presents a brand-redefining and star-studded Winter 2023 campaign for Burberry

Renowned stars Kit Butler, Jake Hodder, Zhuo Chen and Paduey Luak star in Burberry’s Winter 2023 campaign.

Kit Butler

Daniel Lee’s creative imagination continues to push the boundaries of the Burberry world. Since his arrival at the storied fashion house, he has injected a breath of fresh air into Britain’s fashion scene. Now cementing his ties to the house, Lee presented a winter 2023 campaign with a striking list of models including Kit Butler, Jake Hodder, Zhuo Chen and Paduey Luak.

Zhuo Chen

Directed by Lee himself, the campaign focuses on an eclectic approach to winter dressing, set against the stunning backdrop of the Isle of Sky and the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland’s Antrim. This location choice depicts the true essence of the collection and showcases the brand’s revamped narrative. Shot by Tyrone Lebon, Lee adds his signature touch to the campaign by imbuing the Burberry equestrian logo in white.