Daniel Henney is the Face for John Varvatos’ Artisan Pure

THEN THERE WAS LIGHT. The Artisan Pure is the latest fragrance in John Vartos’ Artisan fragrance line and Asian actor Daniel Henney is chosen to represent the new scent

Daniel Henney in the new John Varvatos Artisan Pure campaign

Like the rest of John Varvatos’ Artisan line, the Artisan Pure is a sight for sore eyes. This time, the bottle comes with a white woven rattan stem, hinting at the green and lush hills of Xalapa, Mexico, and the city’s vast coffee and citrus groves, scents that one will note are present in the new fragrance. The Artisan Pure’s campaign shows actor Daniel Henney wearing a crisp white shirt. Crisp, as it turns out, is the perfect way to describe this fragrance. Created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux, who also created Artisan, Artisan Acqua and Artisan Black, the Artisan Pure opens with a trio of Petitgrain Essences including lemon, orange and bergamot, before moving to a herbal heart of orange flowers and a woody base.

The white rattan weaved bottle of the John Varvatos Artisan Pure fragrance