DA MAN’s Miles Teller in new movie “Footloose”

A remake of the 1984 original film with the same name starring Kevin Bacon, Footloose is a story of a boy who defied the rule that forbids dancing.


Out now! Starring Kenny Wormald (Center Stage: Turn It Up) as main character Ren, Julianne Hough (Burlesque) as Ariel Moore and Miles Teller (Rabbit Hole) as Willard, Footloose promises thrill and romance that comes from the very essence of being young: freedom.

When rock ‘n’ roll and dancing gets banned in a small town in Tennessee called Bomont, Ren, the new kid in town, decides to challenge the ban. His rebellious spirit and wicked moves would change the town’s rules. Take a look at the trailer below.