DA MAN’s Food Craving List of the Week

From the best combo sandwiches in town to pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth, DA MAN has listed some of the best food utenss that’s available for delivery right to your doorstep.


While still selling burgers and hotdogs, Stack is better known for its bread-like bun sandwiches where they basically stack everything they could find between it. The must-try stack is the baby lobster stack. Other recommendations include its wagyu ball stack, steak stack, and a se’i stack alongside its crispy side dishes.

Eatlah X Benedict

Benedict claims to have created a menu that’s “not-your-average-piece-of-cake.” Dubbed the “Classic Mocha Cake,” this is the perfect takeaway for anybody with a sweet tooth that needs to be soothed. And if you’re looking for the perfect combo made in heaven, Benedict is currently collaborating with Eatlah, which means that the cake is also available as part of a combo together with Eatlah’s famous rice chicken.

Oma Elly

Italian cuisine has some of the best comfort foods for those who are housebound. And on that note, nobody does Italian food quite like Oma Elly. The brainchild of head chef and founder  Andry Susanto, Oma Elly is a reflection of  Chef Andry’s dedication to his grandmother’s cooking. The restaurant often comes up with fresh new takes on classic Italian dishes with clever ingredient and texture plays while still staying true to its Italian roots. Oma Elly is, without doubt, the ultimate Italian kitchen in Jakarta—especially for home delivery right now.

Sinless Break

Sinless Break is meant for us who are always feeling the munchies while worrying about weight gain. Just look at the post above and you’ll see the effort they’ve put on to make each bite of its Cinnamon Rolls significantly less sinful and regretful. The same goes for the rest of the menu, which includes entries like gluten-free siomay and lemper made from quinoa. Visit Sinless Break’s  Instagram for more info or straight ahead contact the number above to give it a try.

ISMAYA Restaurants

Ismaya’s F&B roster—including Osteria Gia, Social House, and Mr. Fox’s Fox Express: A Rice and Noodle bar—is ready to bring your favorite hangout foods at an affordable price (some offer discounts of up to 80-percent) and also a good cause. For the latter, all purchases made will help support Ismaya employees during these hard times. Other brands that have also prepared delivery options include Djournal Coffee, Kitchenette, The People’s Cafe, Tokyo Belly, and Pizza e Birra. Whatever your choice, ISMAYA will be #DeliveringTheGoodLife to your homes

Mad Bagel

Mad Bagel is your go-to dedicated bagel store when you’re tired of doughnuts and cookies. Interestingly, they have a list of sweet and savory combos. Of course, there are plenty of classic bagel options such as with cream or grilled cheese and tuna salad. Or who can resist a good old bagel with a smoked salmon? This Ramadhan, Mad Bagel has also added a special hamper to the menu which includes nine bagel bombs with different flavors as well as a dates and walnut cream cheese ice cream. Last but not least, the bagels are also available plain because that’s how hardcore bagel fans like ’em.


Saying that fast food burgers are the best kind of burgers is a massive understatement—especially when you have spanking burger joints like Byurger providing carnivorous combos we thought only existed on TV. Juts look at this tempting tray that’s full of meat, more meat and extra meat. Add some fries on the side and additional chicken wings alongside chicken skin, and you’re guaranteed to have one of the best meals of your life. Going to the gym and working out once a week will never be enough.

Salad Stop

Everybody’s favorite salad bar in town is also delivering to fulfill your daily dose of nutrients—especially when you’re pushing up those stay at home workout sessions. Salad Stop will deliver your veggies in food-grade containers that’s up to the current hygienic standards. Employees also follow strict food safety, health and cleaning procedures.

Cecemuwe Cafe and Space

Coffee shops around town have switched to making batches of big bottled coffees to ensure that they got your weekly caffeine needs covered. When you’re left with nothing but the same thing for the week, why not go for a more out of the ordinary choice of coffee? Banana milk coffee was on the rise until the pandemic  and Cecemuwe is reminding us that it’s still available. Other than that, they also sell iced white latte, dirty matcha latte, as well as its interpretation of palm sugar iced coffee.


Instead of the traditional Italian style, why not try Sudestada’s Argentinian-style pizza? Sudestada is currently the hottest Argentinian slash South American food joint in Jakarta. Apart from its pizzas, it also has mouth-watering menu from the grill (the Roasted Octopus is a must try) alongside specialty sandwiches and wraps (you might want to go for the Matambre Sandwhich) for you to order from home. In addition, each day will have its own discount and promos. Visit Sudestada’s Instagram account linked above for more info.