DA MAN’s Best-Dressed Men at Met Gala 2017

BLACK-TIE AVANT GARDE. This year’s theme was Avant Garde, which is quite difficult for men to pull off. These are the A-listers who kept true to the theme and did so in style

A classy man always keeps his swagger in check

The fashion world is still a buzz talking about the recent Met Gala and the amazing fashions that made its way across the cream carpet. Yes, that’s right, this year the typical red carpet was replaced by a creamish-white one, which was quite fitting with the Avant Garde theme of the evening. The less eye-catching color of the carpet had a hidden benefit, helping to better highlight the wonderful outfits worn by the guests. Could this be a sign of a new fashion trend? We’ll see…

Like every year, the Met Gala held a special dress-code theme and to honor the highly experimental designs of the evening’s honorary guest Rei Kawakubo, the Japanese fashion visionary behind the highly influential label Comme des Garçons, this year’s theme was Avant Garde. Despite being a look that’s quite difficult to pull-off or wear comfortably, many of the star-studded guests were able to successfully do so. This is DA MAN’s pick for best-dressed men that not only looked good in what they wore but kept true to the theme.

Rami Malek in Dior Homme

Many have voted Rami Malek as the best dressed man at this year’s Met Gala and we have to agree. The beautifully-tailored red Dior Homme suit adorned with a black flower is simple, elegant and eye-catching. Good thing for the different colored carpet this year, or this outfit would have been invisible.

Nick Jonas in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Nick Jonas gives a good example of how to spruce up a tux. Simply add a shiny art-deco-inspired motif jacket, and, voila!, a totally new look.

Michael B. Jordan in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Tired of the simple black-tuxedo style? Michael B. Jordan’s Tartan suit by Ralph Lauren is a totally new style sure turn a few heads. Pitty for the white tie though, it just looks kind of lost in the look.

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