DA MAN Style FW16 Exclusive: Tommy Hilfiger on “See Now, Buy Now” & Americana Inspiration

AMERICAN BOY. The influence of American styling is felt all across the globe, but when it comes to preppy Americana, no one does it better than the one and only Mr. Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger Exclusive for DA MAN Style FW16


Every designer has his or her own distinct signature. Tommy Hilfiger, who first established his eponymous brand around 31 years ago, is a pioneer in bringing preppy styling to menswear. His youthful designs, reminiscent of what’s typically worn by Ivy League students—particularly those who are studious yet relaxed—are wearable, cool and effortless. There’s always a nod to pop culture as well, which makes the brand ever-relevant to the younger generations of each decade.

On a global scale, Tommy Hilfiger has basically planted the seeds of what can only be described as a new American style. While the term “Americana” is often associated with the archetypical ancient Western cowboy look, the brand’s East Coast Americana is a refined, modern look that finds resonance in fashion-conscious youth around the world. In fact, it’s now almost impossible to consider the word “preppy” without conjuring up Tommy Hilfiger’s designs in one’s mind.

What also pushes this fashion house forward is a constant drive for evolution and revolution. From just a menswear line in its early beginnings, it has, to date, grown to include womenswear and kidswear, not to mention fragrances. This year in particular, the brand braces up for yet another big shift as it has decided to embrace the “see now, buy now” approach. Just like a real, young American boy, Tommy Hilfiger always keeps up with current trends and is unafraid to dream big and attain it.


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