DA MAN Style FW16 Exclusive: Creative Director Lello Caldarelli On Making Antony Morato One of the Fastest-Growing Brands

BRAND OF BROTHERS. Lello Caldarelli, President and Creative Director of Antony Morato, shares his viewpoint on menswear from his seat at the helm of one of the fastest growing brands in the world



Compared to many other global fashion houses—including other Italian establishments—Antony Morato is still a budding brand, having started its journey as the dream of three brothers a mere nine years ago. Yet, as early as 2012, it has expanded into at least 50 countries. And since last year, the brand already landed on Indonesian shores.

At the helm of this flourishing business sits Lello Caldarelli, president and creative director, who—along with his brothers Tania and Giovanni—has made quite a name for himself with a design direction that is both contemporary and distinctive, both Italian and global. It surely doesn’t hurt that Antony Morato’s marketing efforts have always been on point, either by featuring top-billed models (including, for instance, Tobias Sørensen whom we’ve featured in a previous issue of DA MAN Style) or inventive campaigns such as #IAMWHOIAM (more on this below).

Naturally, picking the brains in charge of this intriguing brand venture is a definite eye-opener for serious fashion enthusiasts or just about anybody who would like to keep up with the ever-changing tides of contemporary menswear.



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