DA MAN Online Exclusive: Garrett Clayton

His boyish charm is often mistaken for that of Zac Efron, but Disney star Garrett Clayton knows how to play it cool.

Jacket by Shades of Grey, shirt by Alex Maine and pants by Scotch & Soda

A relatively newcomer to the showbiz, the Disney wonder boy has already stolen Ralph Macchio’s thunder in Lifetimes movie “Holiday Spin.” The credit evidently goes to his ebullient dancing act, sleek brunette hair and doe-eyed gaze. The audience, mostly of the XX chromosomes, susceptibly swoon over that combination, while crossing their fingers, hoping secretly that Clayton trumps Efron someday.

As a matter of fact, Clayton made a big break recently starring in a summer movie packed with songs and dance. Titled “Teen Beach Movie,” the plot tells a story of two teenagers caught up inside a musical show, which is flippantly called Wet Side Story. Clayton also garners a lot attention off-camera from dating actress Claudia Lee of the “Hart of Dixie” series. Boy, does he know how to stay on the radar or what?

Sweater by Rag & Bone

DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
Garrett Clayton: Going to Disney World for the first time with my mom.

DA: One thing you can’t live without is…
GC: Family.

DA: Your idea of happiness:
GC: Good people in my life, and getting to do what I love alongside that.

DA: What do you value highly in people?
GC: Loyalty.

DA: Something that most people don’t know about you is…
I have been trained in horseback riding.

DA: One of your many goals this year is…
GC: To finish a script I am currently writing.

Shirt by Scotch & Soda, sunglasses by Super

DA: Fashion is…
GC: Fun if it’s comfortable. [Laughs]

DA: If you were not acting (or singing or modeling), what would you do?
GC: A history teacher! I have always thought of that to myself because teaching history is kind of like storytelling, which is also what actors do.

DA: What’s your favorite traveling experience so far?
When I took a spontaneous road trip with my best friends to New York City with only enough money to pay for gas. 

DA: Your motto in life is…
GC: “It is what it is.”

Photographs: Yann Bean
Styling: Juliet Vo