DA MAN Hot List 2013: Arkiv Vilmansa

ACHIEVING ‘INSTANT’ SUCCESS. Indonesia’s flourishing art scene has been attracting more and more international attention in recent years thanks to a new generation of modern artists who have incorporated elements of graphic design and pop culture into their bold pieces.

One of the most exciting and promising young artists in Indonesia today is Arkiv Vilmansa. He has been painting, illustrating and designing his distinctive cartoon-like figures since 2005. After graduating with a degree in architecture, he decided to follow his true passion by jumping into the art world. “As far as I’m concerned, I am so lucky to just have the chance to make some good art. And architecture allowed me to see things from a different direction and to create a new form of art.” Arkiv soon found success with his distinctive character, which he dubbed “Arkiv Instant,” a grinning eyeless figure rendered in bold curvaceous lines. Arkiv Instant has become a recurrent motif throughout the artist’s work, adorning his painting and being turned into highly sought after soft vinyl art toys. He was even tapped by Disney Asia to do a version of Mickey Mouse in his unique style.

The up-and-coming artist has already had several international exhibitions in Singapore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and London. It looks like 2013 will bring him even more international exposure; asked about what’s on his horizon, Arkiv said “I have new shows coming up in Paris and Taipei next year. Plus a few collaborations! New toys are also coming down the line. So many things are happening next year, you’ll just have to wait and see what we have to offer then. Stay tuned!”