DA MAN Exclusive: Lost Frequencies Talks Becoming Successful DJ at 23, Upcoming Remixes and “The Walking Dead”

The future of dance music is safe and sound, thanks to the likes of Lost Frequencies



When discussing Felix De Laet, or the DJ better known as Lost Frequencies, you cannot not simply talk about his young age. He was born in 1993, which makes him only 23, but he has already produced a multi-platinum track. Entitled “Are You With Me,” the song has also reached the number one spot on multiple music charts. It should also be noted that the song came out in 2014, which means he was only 21 when it happened.

Today, he already has a full-length album, “Less is More,” and another platinum-certified hit, “Reality,” under his belt. DA MAN talked to him over the phone just a few hours before he was about to fly to Singapore and then Jakarta, where he will perform at the 2016 Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP).



DA MAN: You’ll be performing on the second day of DWP this Saturday (December 10). What have you heard about the festival?
Lost Frequencies: I’ve already been to Jakarta two times in the last two years, and every time I’m there I have a lot of fun, so I’m really excited to come back to Jakarta. And this time, it’s going to be my first festival because I [performed at] clubs before, so to do a festival I think it’s going to be awesome!

DA MAN: What can the crowd expect from you?
Lost Frequencies: I’m going to play a lot of songs from my new album, first of all, and then I’m going to play my singles, and then I’m going to play the stuff that I really like that I arrange especially for my DJ set. So, I think it’s going to be fun!

DA MAN: And what do you hope to see from the crowd?
Lost Frequencies: Hmm, I hope people will know my music (Laughs).



DA MAN: Can you tell us about your album “Less is More”?
Lost Frequencies: I made the album with a lot of really cool singers and songwriters and I think the album is really cool, and it sounds like “Lost Frequencies,” even though sometimes I want to try something different. So, if you listen to the album you’re going to recognize tracks with guitar and stuff like that. But then sometimes you’re going to hear tracks in a different style, because I really listen to a lot of different kinds of music and I want to put it in the album. I hope people like it.

DA MAN: How would you describe your music?
Lost Frequencies: Love. (Laughs) I would describe it as music you can listen to before you go to sleep, when you wake up, when you want to go to a party, or during the party. Because you can actually play it anytime anywhere. It’s kind of electronic but still acoustic, so it’s kind of everything.

DA MAN: You’re very young but also very successful. What kind of mindset or attitude does a person have to have to achieve success like you?
Lost Frequencies: I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and do stuff that you really like. At some point you do something you don’t really like just because it’s what’s “hyping,” then you become really big andyou have to assume this kind of music even though it’s not your style, you know what I mean? So, for example, I became really famous for music that is more chill than other DJs. Sometimes, though, as a DJ, I would play really hard, but then I have to stay true to myself and play the music that I like, because it’s important for me to stay true to the music that I want to share with the people, you know?



DA MAN: What’s next for you?
Lost Frequencies: I’m working on the remix version of my album, so I’m remixing every single track on the album. It’s going to be more electronic, more “club” with more of a “festival vibe.” That is the version I’m trying to play more in my DJ set to see how people react to it. I’m going to play a new version I made this week at DWP, so hopefully people will like it. (Laughs)

DA MAN: Who do you want to collaborate with in the future?
Lost Frequencies: I would love to be with Flume in the studio… and actually I like to work with people I like personally to see how we can make music together. But it’s really important for me that I know them personally and how they are in real life because I don’t want to work with people that I don’t like.

DA MAN: What kind of music are you listening to these days?
Lost Frequencies: Hmm, you know what? I’m watching “The Walking Dead” and season three has some really cool songs playing at the end of the episodes by Of Monsters and Men and Jamie N Commons. [The songs are] like country, indie rock music, and really cool!

DA MAN: What TV shows are you watching other than “The Walking Dead”?
Lost Frequencies: I just finished “Dragon Ball”! I watched from beginning to the end and it took me six months to watch everything, but I finished it (laughs)! I love to watch animes, so I want to watch [“Dragon Ball”] before I watch other animes!



Text: M. Berlian