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Cartier Hypnose

When you see a Cartier watch, you’d instantly know that it’s a Cartier watch. This strong brand identity, however, has seemingly led to an affinity for small and subtle design changes with powerful results. The Hypnose watch perfectly embodies this idea. Carefully aligned oval forms, the arrangement of different-sized diamonds and other little touches like black lacquer in the crevices of some models create the illusion of an endless spiral. You might also notice the lack of a visible crown, but this actually harkens back to Cartier’s first oval watches from the 1950s. Price-wise, the Hypnose is rather costly as far as quartz watches go, but given its overall quality and mesmerizing design, it’s definitely worthy of a place in your private collection and on your wrist.


Case size: 30mm x 26.2mm or 38mm x 33mm
Case material: 18K pink or white gold
Dial: Silver or diamond pavé
Strap: Alligator or 18K white gold bracelet
Movement: Quartz
Water resistance: 30M


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