Aldo’s Teen Spirited Sneakers

YOUTHFUL SNEAKERS. The best way to describe Aldo’s collection of men’s sneakers is “easygoing”


From the colors, features and styles, the new sneakers from Aldo can pretty much fit into any casual situation you can think of. Named “Easy Street,” the collection notably includes the Mx. shoe, a unisex slip-on with a phylon sole that makes it sturdy but lightweight. It is decorated with rubberized studs on the surface, which give the shoe a subtle yet fashionable edge to it. The Mx. is available in a range of light colors such as white, mint, beige, grey and even pink. If you want something sterner, the Mx. is, of course, also available in black. The shoe’s soles, meanwhile, come in white to give a youthful energy.


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