Cuisine: Fine Dining at Home

A FEAST TO REMEMBER. Recreate a fine dining experience at home with authentic recipes presented by chef Imam Fayumi, the man behind the imaginative French-Japanese cuisine of Banyan Tree Ungasan’s cliff top restaurant, Ju-Ma-Na

French meets Japanese is the delectable love affair to savor at probably Bali’s most enchanting dining location. Ju-Ma-Na, translated as “silver pearl” in Arabic, does glow resplendently as the sunset commences. The panoramic cliff top reserves a bedazzling spectacle, worth the trip all the way to Uluwatu – Bali’s scenic south haven. The refreshing tropical cocktails served at the alfresco balcony enhance the balmy evening, preceding the scrumptious
dinner entrée. And what follows next is a gastronomic journey to discover on one’s own with five senses.

Dining is a religious tribute to pleasure there. As such, every nibble, every scoop of the meal is to be treasured in its entirety. The cooking process looks dubiously simple, provided you have access to Ju-Ma-Na’s kitchen utilities at your fingertips. But in reality you don’t. At home, it’s a completely different world, and you might just incline to
whip up something as simple as possible. Fret not, chef Imam thoughtfully picked only simple dishes and cocktails from the menu to share, that when all ingredients are on the table, cooking them is a no-brainer. Better yet, if you’re looking to impress special guests, the dishes that follow can qualify as a three-course menu replete with two tasty cocktails. Making a feast to remember is not that hard, after all.

Canape is never intended to sate the appetite. It might whet it, but the main intention is more of a show. Imam lets you try to rustle not just one, but three small tasting bites to make as a prelude to the main course. The ingredients are adjustable, so don’t feel obliged to offer fancy edibles such as caviar. And if you’re a rookie cook, at least the tomato mozzarella is a piece of cake to do and deliciously tempting.

Blinis & caviar
• 150gr flour
• 150ml water
• 2gr yeast
• 4pcs egg
• 50gr butter
• 1tbsp salt
Mix all the ingredients together manually or using a mixer until they become smooth dough. Mould on the working table and leave it rest for 15 minutes. Cook on a pan, ensuring both sides well cooked.

Mini baguette:
• 1kg hard flour
• 20gr yeast
• 10gr s500 dough conditioner
• 20gr salt
• 650ml water
Mix all the ingredients together manually or using a mixer until they become smooth dough. Mould on the working table and leave it rest for 15 minutes. Bake at 220 Celsius for 20 minutes.

• 10gr smoked salmon
• 2gr caviar
• 2gr cream fraiche
• 1gr mixed lettuce
• a half piece Blinis
• 10gr mini baguette
Cut the baguette into round shape, put the mixed lettuce on top of it and the rolled smoked salmon. Then add Blinis and caviar on top of the salmon. Finish it off with crème fraiche as garnish.

Smoked duck & orange
• 1,500gr Cakra flour
• 500gr Segitiga flour
• 230gr sugar
• 40gr salt
• 24pcs egg
• 30gr yeast
• 700gr butter
Mix all ingredients for four minutes at low speed with mixer until they become smooth dough. Mould on the working table and leave it rest for 15 minutes. Cut into round, 40gr each, and leave it rest again. Proof it until
double the size. Bake at 200 Celsius for 20 minutes.

Orange marmalade:
• 2000gr sliced fresh orange
• 2000gr fresh orange without skin
• 2000gr fresh orange juice
• 800gr sugar
• 800ml water
Make the orange marmalade by bringing all ingredients to boil with low heat. Wait until it is soft and reduced to thick concentration.

Smoked duck:
• 5gr smoked duck
• a half mini baguette
• 1pc mini orange segment
• 0.5gr cress
• 1gr orange marmalade
Prepare the smoked duck by cutting whole baguette in half and baking it for two minutes. Put duck slices on top of the baguette. Decorate the dish with orange segment and cress.

Tomato mozzarella
• 1pc cherry tomato
• 1gr mozzarella cheese
• salt
• pepper
Cut tomato cherry into half and then season with salt and pepper. Cut mozzarella cheese into round shape and then place it in the middle of cherry tomato. Use thyme sticks as garnish.

Deconstructed tuna nicoise
Woo seafood lovers with the freshest tuna carpaccio they’ve never tasted before. Despite the extensive ingredients, the cooking method is quite practical, and you can initiate an idea to replace the espuma. This is, by the way, a very healthy main dish, too. Even your guests on diet won’t have to bother counting the calories on this one.

• 800gr tuna loin
• 60gr mixed salad
• 50gr black olive
• 60gr candied tomato cherry
• 30gr red radish
• 10pcs boiled quail egg
• 100gr blanched French beans
• 30ml balsamic vinegar
• 30gr sugar
• 2 sheets gelatin
• 100gr sundried tomato tapenade
• 20gr salmon roe
• 60ml olive oil
• 10gr parsley leaves
• 1pc lemon
• 300gr potato
• 150ml cream
• 2gr salt
• 1gr pepper
• 200ml milk
• 150ml mustard
• 20ml truffle oil

Tuna nicoise: prepare thin-sliced fresh tuna – slice using bakewell paper into square and divide into two pieces.
Lemon dressing: mix lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper.
Balsamic gelatin: soak the gelatin into cold water. Pre-heat balsamic in the sauce pan (1/2 reduce), then mix with gelatin. Keep a side for cooling.
Potato espuma: pre-heat milk and cream on a sauce pan. Add mashed potato, gelatin mix (already soaked in cold water), truffle oil and season with salt and pepper. Then mix all using a mixer to create some foam.
Tomato tapenade: prepare boiling water, blanch the tomato very quick (around 30 seconds), then put into ice water for cooling. Peel the tomato, remove the seeds, and dry the tomato. Chop the tomato, season with salt and pepper. Mix by adding sugar, sliced shallots, garlic, thyme herbs and olive oil.
Vegetables: prepare boiled French beans, potato, quail egg. Prepare sliced fresh tomato cherries and sliced red radish. Prepare mixed lettuce and black olive.

Arrange one sliced tuna nicoise on the plate. Add some dressing of salmon roe – already seasoned with salt and pepper. Arrange another sliced tuna nicoise with vegetables. Add the lemon dressing, balsamic gelatin and mixed lettuce. Put tomato tapenade and quail eggs on the corner. Finish it off by adding potato espuma before serving the dish.

Chocolate cake
To seal the evening, Valrhona chocolate is a safe option. Kids like it, adults dig it, well who could resist the notion of oozing hot chocolate swathing the palate… Add to that almond crumbles, this dessert is simply to die for. The rectangular cut size is up to your preference, actually. Feel free to swap the sorbet with other flavors, if raspberry is not your cup of tea.

• 350gr 70 percent Valrhona chocolate
• 100gr almond croustillant
• 10gr fleur de sel
• 20gr hazelnut powder
• raspberry sorbet
• 1,380gr sugar (1)
• 780ml water
• 2,200gr block chocolate (Valrhona chocolate)
• 1,380gr butter
• 660gr sugar (2)
• 60pcs egg
Make the first dough by boiling the sugar (1,380gr) and water. Make the second dough by cutting Valrhona chocolate rectangular 2.5x7cm and melt with butter in hot water. Mix both doughs and keep it cool. Prepare
sugar (600gr) and eggs, mix with the dough. Bake the dough using a steamed oven for 30 minutes at 180 Celsius. Lay the soft chocolate cake on a plate. Serve with raspberry sorbet, almond croustillant, fleur de sel and hazelnut powder.

Rock the Kasbah
Silky smoothness is one that should be obvious after sipping this mild cocktail. The combination between vanilla and strawberry is tantalizing, not to mention minty zing in the mix. Up the presentation a few notches by serving it on a fancier glass of your choice.

• 45ml vanilla-infused Smirnoff
• 15ml Crème fraiche
• 6 to 8 leaves fresh mint
• 1pc fresh strawberry
• 1 sprig fresh mint leaf
Mix crème fraiche and mint leaves in the mixing glass. Bruise the mint leaves and fresh strawberry with muddler. Add the vanilla-infused Smirnoff and ice cube. Stir well and pour into a glass. Garnish with fresh strawberry and mint leaves.

Green mojito
There’s an inexplicable mood that links the minty coolness of mojito with the sultry tropical climate. This Cuban cocktail also has uncomplicated ingredients to follow. and makes a good company over seafood meals.

• 60ml Bacardi light rum
• 2tbsp brown sugar
• 6 to 8 sprigs mint leaves
• 6 wedges fresh limes
• 60ml soda water
• 1pc lime wheel
Place the lime wedges and sugar in the mixing glass. Muddle well to get the juice and the oil extract. Add the mint leaves and bruise them and muddle altogether. Add crushed ice and white rum. Stir well and pour into a hi-ball glass. Top with soda water. Add the garnish.

Imam Fayumi is Ju-Ma-Na’s executive sous chef. With over 18 years of culinary experience, he brings with him a wealth of gastronomic knowledge that garnered him a silver medal in the Battle Kitchen-Top Chef in Dubai 2011. He is an Indonesian nationality and a father of two.