Cristiano Ronaldo Stars in Nike’s “The Switch”

CRon got a case of Freaky Friday



Just in time for the start of Euro 2016, a short film starring Cristiano Ronaldo has been released by Nike. Entitled “The Switch,” the film sees Ronaldo become a regular person in what seems to be a soccer version of “Freaky Friday.”

In the film, Ronaldo switches bodies (hence the title) with an unassuming ballboy hailing from England. Cue confusion-induced hilarity, where “Ronaldo” suddenly loses his ability to play soccer and “the ballboy” keeps on talking in Portuguese to his English-speaking family.

To be honest, though, we think the most unbelievable thing about the film is the scene where “Ronaldo” wakes up and there’s not a single poster of him plastered on the walls of his bedroom.

Watch the film above and let us know what you think.